_2025 Global Studio
Creative Direction, Branding
Portland, Tokyo, Singapore
Anonymous designed the corporate identity for _2025, a global studio formed by three creative and strategic industry leaders, Chris Riley, Chris Beaumont and Mike Amour. The aim of the global studio is to help clients think about their future(s) in a multidisciplinary way, fuse cultural insight with strategic discipline, and learn from the people and places of the world that will create the important story of tomorrow. A story that brands will want to shape, to create a positive world for the benefit of business and the people it serves.

How we use the logo

The ”_” or underscore in _2025 is commonly used in computer languages, and symbolises “focus on”. The logo, a red underscore, is the cornerstone of the identity. There are rules for its application, but it lives within a flexible system that allows the _2025 identity to be expressed in open, collaborative and bold ways.

Logo Family

There are three different logo: an icon and graphic device, the primary logotype and the secondary stacked logo, which is preferred for narrower constraints.
Typable Logo

The logo also exists in a typable form. This makes it easy for you to add it to a document, e-mail or presentation deck. Use it as an underline for emphasis, at the start of names or titles to draw focus on something, or as a connector to reflect _2025’s collaborative approach.

Logo: Construction

The spacing between each character is determined by the height of the underscore.

How we use infographics

Data is part of _2025’s DNA. We use it to inform and tell stories. Our infographics should always communicate data with clarity and precision. We use simple shapes, clear typography and our palette of colours. Use the keynote toolkit to customise the charts and diagrams to your needs. Maps are wonderful ways to visualise data narratives. They are a visual snapshot of global, regional and local contexts. Our maps are formed with “_” and can be used with visual markers to draw attention to a place or label a caption.