Antalis: Help Save Paper

Antalis Singapore
Planning, Produce, Creative Direction, Design
Anonymous was commissioned to design the 2010 edition of the annual Antalis calendar, which showcases the extensive paper range of the world-leading paper merchant.

In today's world, the average person probably knows more about digital calendars and touch surfaces, while the role of paper has been diminished in bland fax and filing sheets. Recognising a chance to genuinely showcase the versatility and quality of Antalis' accumulated know-how in papercraft, the usual artists' illustrated calendar with fancy trimmings was eschewed in favour of a special tribute to paper's deep and meaningful connection to people's lives. The lab invited twelve individuals to create objects using only paper. There was no restriction: the object could be useful, beautiful or imaginative—as long as it elevated the status of paper. To serve as inspiration and a reminder of paper’s infinite possibilities, these twelve objects were then featured throughout the 2010 calendar.

As a curation showcasing paper’s diversity and versatility, paper need not be seen as a mere printing surface, but a true medium for creativity.