The People’s Bench

Singapore Furniture Industries Council
Furniture Design
When asked to design furniture from logs salvaged from parks and gardens in Singapore, Anonymous created a public bench where people could reflect on their thoughts. While the bench is a spot for contemplation, it has a playful side too. Its Chinese name ‘坐人’ is a homonym to ‘做人’, which means to conduct oneself with consideration and integrity.

The design of the bench is inspired by Confucianism and intentionally pushed the limits of furniture manufacturing by skilfully recreating the supple brushstrokes of the Chinese character ‘人’ in solid wood. Not only does the bench seat two to three people comfortably, it’s also an excellent example of the potential and versatility found in unwanted wood.

The first stroke outlines the seating deck.
The second provides structural support.
The form of the bench allows people to recline comfortably.

The People’s Bench (坐人) was part of the 30 LifeStories - irememberParks campaign, and exhibited at Singaplural 2014 during Singapore Design Week.